Panteltje's PIC pages

This code is released under the GPL license, violaters will be procecuted

ir_pic universal IR remote transmitter controlled via USB serial port, 18F14K22
gm_pic2 A solar powered Geiger counter with GPS and position logging to SDcard.
camc_pic camera position control using model servos, 16F648.
hcs_pic home temperature controller, 16F690.
swr_pic SWR and power meter for 27 MHz with LCD display, 2 x 16F690.
col_pic color LED PWM controller with timers, also disco lights, 16F690.
temp_pic temperature sensor, 12F629.
jppp18 Linux programmer for PIC 18F14K22 based on the noppp programmer, can easily be extended for other PIC 18F models.
pwr_pic LAB switchmode power supply, 0-24V 3 A from 12V DC, with LCD display, 16F690.
audio_pic Class D PWM audio amplifier, 18F14K22.
io_pic I/O extention, adds analog and digital I/O to a PC via RS232, 16F690 or 18F14K22.
freq_pic frequency counter with RS232 output, fits in a 9 pole D connector shell, 16F648.
tri_pic tritium decay experiment, 2 x 18F14K22.
scope_pic RS232 controlled digital storage oscilloscope with x y, FFT mode, and ASCII screendump, 18F14K22.
ethernet_color_pic ethernet UDP controlled RGB LED strip driver, 18F14K22, ENC28J60.
sign_pic 8 LED display that when swung around anti clockwise at the end of a string displays a specified text.
lc_pic LC meter with RS232 interface based on a PIC 16F648.
th_pic RS232 powered thermcouple adaptor based on a PIC 16F690.
gm_pic Geiger Mueller radiation detector with RS232 interface, based on a PIC 16F690.
fm_pic RS232 controlled FM transmitter with LCD, uses a PIC 18F14K22 and a BH1415F based FM transmitter module from ebay.
usa_pic RS232 to UDP and vice versa Ethernet adaptor, uses a PIC 18F14K22 and an ENC28J60 based ethernet module from ebay.
mag_pic fluxgate magnetometer compass with LCD display and RS232 interface, PIC 18F14K22, LM324, 74HCT4053, some transistors.
step_pic-0.5.tgz Stepper motor driver and servo controller via RS232 4800 Bd in a Microchip PIC 18F14K22, supports several servo modes.
step_pic_udp ethernet UDP controlled stepper motor unit for boat rudder steering.
wind_pic_thermal_udp An ethernet POE capable UDP wind speed and direction sensor front end.

sc_pic gamma spectrometer with RS232 interface and Linux PC side software, uses a Photonis XP2432 photo multiplier tube, based on a PIC 16F690.

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