Panteltje's step_pic_udp an ethernet based steering system for boats

This project is released under the GPL license

step_pic_udp circuit diagram

work in progress.

The unit:

Simple layout:

One potmeter should give position feedback of the rudder, the other one can set / control the rudder position (configure that mode via ethernet),
or the rudder can be set to any position via ethernet, for example from xgpspc

Source code in asm for Microchip PIC 18F14K22
usa2-0.3.asm the ethernet controller PIC
step_udp-0.6.asm the stepper motor driver.

usa2_pic and step_pic communicate with each other via RS232 logic level at 115200 Bd.
Using netcat you can reconfigure step_pic, and read replies from the unit.
I have configured (#defines in the asm source of usa2.asm) it to listen on IP port 7777 mode UDP.
So start communication with the stepper unit, set modes, read status and help menu (type h), you can use:
netcat -u 7777
and then in an other terminal listen for the reply (and send commands):
netcat -u -l -p 7777

The ethernet module is ebay item 170929813328, the stepper motor driver is ebay item 262041682085, and the stepper motor itself is ebay item 182025887881.

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