Raspberry PI driving a FDS132 LED matrix display

The code and diagrams are released under the GPL license.

I removed the CPLD from the FDS132 display board, and connected some signals to the Raspberry Pi GPIO.
Also I added a little scan protection circuit.

Circuit diagram, the +5 for the scan detector comes from CPLD pad 22:
circuit diagram

The removed CPLD pads with th connecting wires to a small board with header that goes to the Raspberry Pi GPIO:
interface board

The scan protection board, clears the screen (sets OE low) when no scanning signal is detected:
scan protection board

This is the software runing with the -d flag, it updates the date every second:
running in date mode

The C source for the Raspberry Pi, released under the GPL,
Compile instructions are given, and the GPIO connections are specified in the source file:
Current version has scroll up, scroll down, scroll left, and special effects snow and fireworks:

Somebody now also wrote a version that runs on Pi 2:

Vertical scroll:



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