The Raspberry connected to the noppp PIC programmer

This is a circuit diagram and a Linux program for the Raspberry Pi that allows one to connect the Raspberry Pi to the noppp PIC programmer.

Source code is released under the GPL.

It works, that is all I can say about it.

Test setup

Raspberry Pi to noppp test setup


This is Linux programmer software for PIC 18, for Raspberry Pi that works with the noppp programmer
Full source in C, compile it on the Raspberry Pi (NOT on the PC, the Raspberry has an ARM processor!):

Breakout board, buffer board, and par port cable connections,

I added a 74HCT08 quad AND gate as buffer for outgoing signals from the Rapberry Pi,
because the Pi only gives 3.3 V out on the GPIO pins, and the noppp programmer needs 5 V.
I also aded a resistive divider to attenuate the input signal to 3.3V as the Pi is not 5 volt tolerant.
The 74HCT08 is powered from the Pi 5 Volt.
buffer board wiring diagram

I installed gputils on the Raspberry Pi so I can assemble asm on the Pi, I simply ssh -Y to it,
of course you can use a keyboard, mouse and monitor on it too.
All in one !

Session log

root@raspberrypi:~/compile/pantel/jppp18pi# make
gcc -O2 -Wall -c jppp18pi.c pic18f.c io.c hex_in.c hex_out.c
gcc -o jppp18pi jppp18pi.o pic18f.o io.o hex_in.o hex_out.o
root@raspberrypi:~/compile/pantel/jppp18pi# ./jppp18pi -i fm.hex -e -p -Y
Loading hex file:
Program 8144 bytes at address 0x000000
ID 0 bytes at address 0x200000
Config 14 bytes at address 0x300000
EEPROM 0 bytes at address 0xf00000
Erasing chip.
Writing program space.
Writing config space.
Verifying program space.
Verifying config space.

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