*Panteltje at mars*

Panteltje at mars

xmars3d raw .pgm (BW), or .ppm (color) file format viewer,
fly on mars in 3D with Asus googles.
This is Linux software, and also requires Xfree with DGA2 support (but can be recompiled for other X drivers).
This software will NOT run on MS windows.
Use latest xv to convert ESA .IMG files to .pgm

A diagram to use the Asus LCD stereo shutter glasses via the parallel port

lake on mars with plants in true color -what a bit of gamma can show!-
lake in detail
the big picture reull
the original ESA image
an other lake (at the other end of the valley)
Dr Levin's site, he is the one from the first Vikinger experiment that was positive for life

rabbit on mars